When a Silenced Violin Cello Comes Out of a Box

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A silent violin cello concerto was performed in a small town in China this past weekend.

The concert was organized by the Chongqing Symphony Orchestra, which has been conducting silent cello concerts since 2010.

The orchestra played the cello cello and bowed for its performance.

A video posted to social media showed the cellist performing the cella in a large wooden box.

The cellist then sang in a Chinese traditional voice.

The video was taken from the same location as last year’s concert.

The theater also posted a picture of a silenced violin cella, with a bow and arrow.

The silencer is used by cellists to prevent the sound of the bow and arrows from interfering with the violin’s performance.

A video posted on Twitter from the concert said that the cell was performed by an “unknown individual.”

The concert went on for almost four hours, but there were no reports of injuries.

The performance has raised eyebrows in China, which recently banned foreign musicians from performing in its music halls.

The U.S. has banned Chinese musicians from conducting in its halls, saying they are infringing on Chinese cultural values.

China has also said it will ban all foreign musicians that perform in its cultural venues, a move that is likely to lead to a drop in foreign music performances in China.

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