Why You’re Not Playing the Violin at the Music Box?

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, composer Daniel Hickey reveals how his music was inspired by Tchaikovski’s operas.

“I grew up watching Tchaiki and his operas, and that’s how I came up with my own version of this,” Hickey told the publication.

“My version was inspired from the opera, the music and the style of Tchaikkovski.

He also wrote music for all his operatic operas.”

Hickey said his version was a little more stripped down, but still very musical.

“There’s a lot of singing and there’s a great, emotional quality,” he said.

“He’s a very good singer.

He’s very well known, and you can’t get him wrong.”

Hitting the road for his solo debut in 2017 with The Last Waltz and The Last Word, Hickey has continued to work on new music.

His latest, The Last Song, is set for a release later this year.

He previously played the piano with fellow composer Jonathan Givens, and played with John Mayer, and David Bowie.

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