How to make Hedwig’s Theme violin song

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A group of violinists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created a unique version of the iconic theme tune for the iconic Disney animated film, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”

The group created the new version of Hedwig and The Angry Incho by recording their own rendition of the tune in the company of the violinists, as well as other violins and a harp.

In a video posted to YouTube, the violinist who plays the harp tells the story of how he created the version of The Angry inch, and how he played it during a workshop last month in the UW’s Studio Museum.

“I have always loved the theme tune to ‘Hedwig and the Furious Inch,'” said violinist Michael Stromberg.

“The song is one of my favorite tunes in the Disney universe, and I wanted to bring it to life in the studio.”

The violinist told the story in the video, as he plays the tune while he and his partner, violinist Christopher Farkas, teach the student how to play the song in the same way as the real version.

“Hedwick has been around for a long time, and she’s the ultimate Disney character, but the original version was very different,” Strombiks said.

“It’s the harpsichord version, with the bass clarinet and the strings, which were also handcrafted by the violins.

The harps is a different instrument, with a different sound.

It’s a very unique piece.”

The UW-Madison group says they hope the version can help kids learn how to make their own versions of the song.

“There are so many variations of the melody that we love to play, so it’s important to get kids to really hear the full range of possibilities when playing a version of it,” Stromeberg said.

The group says the students were able to play this song live, and have been using the new music to inspire the next generation of violin players.

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