How to play the violin with kids

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By the time she was a teenager, Caroline, now 16, had already played the violin on the piano, violin in the car and in a small band.

In fact, the only thing that kept her playing for so long was her love of music, and the constant quest to learn new instruments.

“I would go to school with a full orchestra and not a violin, and I would sit on the sidelines, and be a little bit bored,” Caroline says.

“Then I’d just go to concerts and be on stage with them, just because I wanted to play.”

The violin was Caroline’s lifelong passion, so when she started playing with her friends and family, Caroline felt compelled to learn it.

It was also the music that kept Caroline going through the years, and it’s something she has been able to keep doing, thanks to the generosity of her family and the kindness of her parents, who also played the piano.

But Caroline’s experience has taught her something important about how to play, and she wants to share it with others.

“[My parents] were very passionate about the violin and had a lot of love for it,” she says.

Caroline has taught herself to play by watching her dad play.

When Caroline was a child, she would go with her dad to concerts, where her father would give her tips on how to perform.

She also loved to teach her older siblings how to be able to sing, so she had to practice.

Caroline’s family and friends were always willing to help her learn the instrument.

“We would take them out to concerts,” Caroline recalls.

“And the concert tickets were just as good as the concert seats.”

Carole says her family would give Caroline a piece of paper with the name of the instrument they’d learned, so that she could practice with them.

Caroline would then share that with her family, and they would also make a note to let Caroline know that they were willing to practice with her.

Since then, Caroline has learned to play her father’s violin and her family’s violin.

She’s also taken piano lessons with her sister, and has been teaching her sister how to teach the instrument to her.

And when she was 15, Caroline realized that she had the same passion for learning the violin as her dad, and wanted to make music in order to make sure she never stopped learning.

Caroline was determined to be the best violinist in her class.

She wanted to be better than the students in her own class, and to be in the top ten.

“My father was the best student in the class, so I knew what he was capable of,” Caroline explains.

“So when he was playing, I wanted him to be playing as well.”

When she was 16, Caroline began playing violin with her father.

She has since learned to teach herself to make a solo and to play with her mom, sister and friends.

With the support of her dad and her parents and her amazing friends, Caroline was able to reach the top 10.

But Caroline had a long road to the top.

She needed to take more piano lessons, which she now takes at home, and a lot more time studying to be a better musician.

“I needed to study more, I needed to work on my technique, and at the end, I had to work with my teacher to see if I could play well enough to reach that number,” Caroline remembers.

At the top of the podium was Caroline herself, and Caroline has since become one of the best pianists in the world.

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