How to size up a violin to find the right size

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A string of blue violins from the 1950s has been found in the same garden as an old blue violin.

The violins were found in May 2017 in a garden near Ballymore near County Clare, in Ireland.

The Strand of the Blue is one of the finest examples of this style in existence.

It is thought to date from the early 20th century.

The owner of the gardens said he had owned the violins for more than 20 years.

He said: ‘I have owned the Strand for more or less 10 years.

It’s a lovely garden and I love it.

It has a lovely view of the sea, but there’s also the blue of the sky.’

Ballymore was established in the 18th century and became part of the city of Ballymena, which later became part in the Republic of Ireland.

Its name means ‘Blue Fields’ and it was named after a blue colour.

Ballymenans owner said the garden had been vacant for more years, but the Strands owner had moved in last year.

He added: ‘We had no idea who they were until we went to the gardener and told him who the owners were and he said he knew the owner of Balsnes.’

He has taken it and has put it in a good condition.”

It’s beautiful’In a statement to The Irish Times, Ballymoney Gardener Michael McKeown said:’It was an absolute pleasure to find this blue violin in a lovely place, the Strander of the Blues.’

We are very proud of this great piece and are delighted to have it at Ballymahon.

It will be a treasure for years to come.’

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