What does ‘solo’ mean in Italian?

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By JANE MELISSEUR, Associated PressArtists have been making the most of the long hours of the week, playing their instruments for hours on end while recording new music.

But while soloists have long been associated with music, they are often also seen as having a higher social status than members of a band.

In Italy, they’re known as cholo.

The term refers to musicians who play only for themselves.

Some of the most prominent soloists include Andrea Breguet, a soloist with the Grammy-winning band Lullabies of Love, and Stefano Bonaparte, a composer who has composed a number of songs for opera.

Other Italians have embraced the term soloist in a more serious sense.

One of Italy’s most famous soloists, Alessandro Lippi, said that he never wanted to be seen as a solo artist, but he was compelled to play music by himself.

“I think that soloism, in a way, is the best thing for me,” he said.

“It is the freedom to create and to make your own music.”

Italian soloists like Lippi and Bonapartes are often credited with being pioneers of the art form.

They made their name by playing their instrument in solo settings and using the instrument to communicate a message or idea.

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