How a Japanese violinist managed to make his mark in the art of music

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A Japanese violin maker has been hailed as the genius behind one of the most prestigious violin brands in the world.

The violin maker, Masato Yoshimura, has made the world’s most expensive violin, a 9-foot-long, 4-pound violin made by his company, Imagi.

The violin is valued at $5 million, making it the most expensive in the United States, and is now one of Imagi’s best-selling instruments.

The Imagi violin has a body of 14,500 grams and is valued with more than $2 million in cash and securities.

It’s one of five in the company’s arsenal.

It is also one of its most popular instruments, said a company spokesman.

“The Imaginas finest violin is very special.

It has a special character,” said Yoshimura.

“Its weight and length make it even more important than any other instrument in the brand.”

In Japan, the violin is called an shinto-shaped shinto or “tiger violin” because it’s made from a tiger’s tail and is decorated with a long, silver tassel.

The shinto instrument is made of wood, ivory, and silver.

It features a large, open-sided neck that opens to allow the violin to be strummed in the traditional way.

The instrument was made in Japan by a group of five craftsmen and a skilled master violin maker.

It was designed to be used in traditional Japanese music.

The name Imagi means “treasure.”

Imagi also makes the famous violin “The Blackbird,” a 5-pound, 5-string violin that sells for $5,000.

It also sells for more than three times that price in China.

The company’s newest model, the 8-foot, 3-pound “The Tango,” is another prized instrument, with a 6-foot neck, a gold-colored body, and a price tag of more than seven times that of the other violin models.

The 9-ft-long Imagi has a unique appearance because of its special, gold-plated steel strings, which are made in a special process that takes three months.

The metal strings have a high-gloss finish, but the silver accents are not as rich.

Imagi has sold the 9-year-old violin to a company that was part of the world famous “Baroness,” an opera singer in Japan.

The company says it sold it for $2.7 million.

The “Barracks” singer, who is married with three children, is now making a concert album with Imagi that she plans to release in March.

The world’s biggest maker of violins, Imagis best-known brand is known for its violin brands such as the “Hajime” and “Ichi.”

The company’s flagship violin, the “The Imperial,” is the world record holder for the longest violin, valued at more than 2,000 feet.

The Imperial, a 7-foot long, 9-pound instrument, has been a global icon for years in Japan, where it has been worn by the country’s prime minister, and the countrys best-loved singer, Yuji Nagano.

Its popularity has driven Imagina to make more violins and is seen as a sign that Imagi is growing into the international violin market.

Its newest model is “The Lion,” a 9.5-foot violin that costs about $2,000 to $3,000 and has been sold for $1.6 million in China and Taiwan.

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