How to play the silent violin in a few minutes – by playing notes with your eyes, not hands

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Playing a silent violin can be a daunting experience.

However, this time, it’s possible.

Watch the video above and discover how to use your hands to play a quiet violin in less than a minute.

Key points: How to practice a silent instrumentHow to use a silent note to play your favourite tuneYou can learn to play these notes with an iPad appYou can use the app to play notes in your headphones or the microphoneThe notes you can play are just notes in the alphabet.

This is a great tool for the beginner as it allows you to practice the basics of playing the instrument without the hassle of setting up a music studio or needing to be taught.

But it’s also great for someone who is already a master of the instrument, like myself.

I’ve always played a violin and when I first learnt to play it, I wasn’t really confident at all.

You can practice the notes with the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone.

Once you’ve set up the app, the app automatically sends you the notes you need to play.

You can use this to practice while you’re out on the road.

The app also includes an interactive guide that allows you access to a series of notes and lessons to get you ready for your next lesson.

Find out more about the app by clicking here: The apps also include a feature called ‘Music Notes’ which allows you get your favourite tunes and songs in the background.

You’ll need to choose your favourite song and tune and then click play.

In a perfect world, the notes would be played from a phone or tablet and then you’d be able to simply listen to the notes and practice with your earphones.

However if you’re not keen on playing music through your ears, you can also use the ‘Music Note’ feature to learn your favourite songs.

If you need help playing these notes, then check out my beginner guide on how to play in just a few mins.

I’ve got some tips and tricks for playing these quiet notes too.

Read more: ‘We can’t stop our babies singing’: The first thing I learned as a teacherWhen I first started learning to play, I was not sure how I was going to do it.

However, I’ve learnt a lot from listening to these quiet violin notes.

How to play an easy silent note without needing a piano or recorderHow to find your favourite note to practise while driving How to learn a melody while drivingHow to practise playing a slow violinHow to learn to make your own musicSounds can get a bit overwhelming for beginners when learning how to perform music, but there are some easy techniques that can get you started.


Start with a simple tuneWhen learning to sing, you’ll start by learning a simple song.

Start by listening to a song you like.

Choose one that you like and then practice a few notes with it.

When you’re done, take a photo and post it on social media.


Practice slowlyPractice with a slow piano, violin or recorder, then try to play some simple notes to help you get the hang of it.

If you can’t do this, then practice faster.


Practice with the notes in a songWhen learning how the notes sound, it helps to play different notes on different notes.

Practice each one separately.

If the notes aren’t the same, try to practise them together.


Practice the notes on your ownWhen learning a musical piece, it can be difficult to practice without your partner.

Practice on your favourite music app.

If possible, try recording music on your phone or laptop.


Learn to play with your earsIt’s a great way to get your ear to practice these notes without needing to play music through headphones.


Practice playing notes using your handsYou can play these tunes with your hands using the app.

It’s great for beginners as it lets you practice with a comfortable touch.


Practice your favourite melody while you driveIt’s important to practice your favourite melodies as soon as you learn them.

If your car is stuck, you might not be able get the notes down on the spot.

Practice by driving the car and then using your fingers to play around with the sounds.


Practice a slow song while drivingIf you’re a driver, you should always be practising your driving skills.

Start slow and then add speed gradually as you practice the technique.


Practice tuning your favourite guitarYou can try playing a quick tuning on your guitar and try to master it quickly.


Practice to sing your favourite nursery rhymeWhile you’re learning how songs sound, try making a song with your favourite rhymes.

Listen to it out loud and then sing along to it.

Find out more on How to sing nursery rhymes with the iPhone and iPad.


Practice making your

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