Suzuki’s $100,000 ‘Bionic’ violin is going to be the most expensive in history, a new report claims.

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A new report says Suzuka, the Japanese automaker’s most expensive electric violin, is going a step further than previous models by making it a $100k model.

According to a new study by the Consumer Reports website, the new model is priced at $99,995 ($125,000 if you are willing to pay for the warranty). 

This is significantly more than the previous record-breaking Suzukis record-breaker, the $97,990 violin in 2017.

The new Suzuko is built on a new carbon fiber-wound, steel frame with a carbon fiber neck, saddle, and tuners.

The instrument has been named after the legendary composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose works were inspired by Suzaku.

This model is available in two sizes and comes with an 18-string steel guitar neck.

The violin comes with a special violin cable that connects to the bridge, the body of the violin and the tuners, according to the report.

The report suggests that the price of the new violin will be a big reason why people buy one.

“I think it’s going to get more expensive than ever before,” said Daniel Cimone, who runs a music store in Chicago.

“It will get a lot more expensive, so people are going to look for it.”

Cimone said he has been purchasing his Suzuku’s for the past two years.

“People will be looking for that,” he said.

“We’ll see if that happens, but I think it’ll go up.”

In fact, Suzuks sales in 2017 were up nearly 30% compared to the year before.

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