Violin Brain Surgery: Best in class

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By Lisa Krasny, USA TODAYThe violin brain surgeon who has made the most spectacular progress in the brain surgery of a violinist has a new mission: to help the violinists of Europe who suffer from cognitive and emotional disorders.

Dr. Richard Pankratz is the first neurosurgeon in the world to use brain surgery to treat cognitive disorders and is among a small group of neurosurgeons who are working on the first of many surgical procedures to help musicians with cognitive disorders.

The operation, to correct a major brain tumor, will take place at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

The surgeon is part of a group of five neurosurgery specialists working in a collaboration with the American Association of Neurological Surgeons to treat a large number of people with cognitive and mental health issues.

For decades, the brain has been treated as a benign site of disease and as a source of a variety of other benefits.

For instance, it has been shown to improve the cognitive performance of some people with dementia and to help prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease.

But the most recent research has shown that it can cause significant cognitive damage.

That research is the most detailed to date of a neurosurge’s efforts to repair a brain tumor that has affected more than 300,000 people worldwide.

The surgeon’s operation is expected to be the first brain surgery done at a major American university.

Dr. Pankritz is a member of the group that has made a breakthrough in brain surgery that is comparable to what other major neurosurgeries have done.

He said that the surgery is designed to restore the integrity of the hippocampus, a region of the brain that is critical for learning and memory.

“We have developed a surgical procedure that will restore memory in a patient that is at risk for developing Alzheimer’s,” he said.

Dr Pankritz said the operation will take two to three weeks.

The surgery is also expected to improve cognitive function.

He believes it will improve the ability of people to understand and make decisions, which are critical for survival.

He and his colleagues believe the technique will improve their ability to control their impulses, which is important for making good decisions.

Dr Peter V. Zagorski, the associate director of the Colorado Center for Neurosurgery, said that if successful, this surgery will be the most important neurosurrogate surgery to be done in the U.S. He is optimistic that the procedure will have benefits for musicians who have experienced cognitive problems.

The procedure is a significant advancement over a previous procedure, performed in the late 1990s.

It involved a brain tube attached to a catheter, which allowed surgeons to remove part of the tumor.

The procedure involved about a quarter of the patients who had a brain surgery.

The new operation will allow Dr. Zigorski to move closer to the goal of restoring the integrity and functioning of the nerve fibers that run the way the brain processes information.

He expects that it will allow musicians to play better, without the cognitive difficulties that often come with brain surgeries.

Dr Ziginski said that, for the first time, scientists are able to use techniques that were not possible before to treat patients with cognitive problems that are common in the general population.

The techniques can improve the quality of memory, focus, memory recall and other cognitive functions.

Dr Paul Schaeffer, the president of the National Federation of the Blind, praised the surgical technique.

He has long advocated for more research into the use of brain surgery in the treatment of cognitive problems and said the new research will help advance the field.

“This is a major breakthrough in the field of neurosurgical brain surgery,” he told the Associated Press.

Dr Schaeffer said that although the procedure has been performed in one hospital, the operation was conducted in a larger clinical center in Denver, a hospital where about a third of the neurologic surgeries are performed.

The patients will be in a room with a virtual reality display and will be able to hear and hear, but not feel, as they go through the surgery.

“It is a very, very exciting time in the medical world,” he added.

Dr Giselle Grosvenor, the head of the Center for Brain Tumor Research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said the surgery could have an immediate impact on a lot of people, but also help musicians who struggle with their playing.

“The results are promising,” she said.

“There is a lot to learn.

We’re trying to figure out exactly what the right dose of surgery is and how the brain is affected by surgery.

There’s still much to learn.”

She said the procedure is also a good test of how successful the surgery has been in other cases.

“If this technique works in other patients, we should see it be a standard procedure for other patients,” she told the AP.

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