Why ‘Black Mirror’ star’s ‘Black Swan’ song won’t make it into ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack

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A song that won’t be included in the “Black Panther” soundtrack is an unlikely contender for the song of the year.

But the song’s creator has been in touch with MTV News to get the scoop.

The song, “Black Swan,” is the subject of a long-running lawsuit from the music company.

The original version, written in 2008, included lyrics that criticized police brutality.

But after it was covered by the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, it was stripped of the offending words.

That meant the song now included lyrics like, “We’re not a nation of laws/But we can make laws/That we want.”

The song also includes the line, “And we can all be equal but we gotta make sure our black neighbors know.”

But that doesn’t seem to be the case in “Black Sun,” a tune that was made for the 2014 movie.

The song is named after the movie’s lead character, Black Swan.

It’s not clear why the film is so popular, but it is known for having strong themes about the black experience.

The film was nominated for best picture and for best director.

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