Why we should take our chances on a new music-industry era

Posted by admin

As we enter a new era in the music industry, we have to be aware of the challenges ahead.

The music industry is changing.

Music has a huge audience.

People love it, and they want to hear it again and again.

But as we have witnessed with Spotify, there is a chance that it will go the way of CDs and vinyl, which in turn will ultimately hurt the artists and the record companies.

This is not the time to bet on music, but instead, to embrace the opportunity to change the music-making paradigm.

We need to recognize that music is a universal medium that can be made into anything and everything.

This means that we need to change our way of thinking about music, which means embracing a new paradigm in music.

We must embrace the new way of making music, and create an ecosystem of shared resources that will benefit everyone involved.

This will not be easy, but we must do it.

As we approach the next decade, we must think in terms of innovation, creativity, and creativity.

As music becomes a global platform, we should all start with the music that is making us happy, that we are inspired by, and that we want to share with the world.

So let’s take the next leap together.

We can change the world and we can create a new and better world.

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