A Google search for ‘Wrist violin’ reveals a string of stringed instruments, from a 17th-century violin to a modern-day electric guitar

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Google News – India A search for “Wrist stringed instrument” returns more than 100 articles from more than 1,500 websites from India.

The search also shows several articles on stringed guitar, electric guitar and other musical instruments, as well as an article on an Indian stringed violin.

The stringed stringed-stringed article mentions two strings, one made by a monk and one made in the early 16th century.

The other article on the instrument lists a string that is made of sandstone and comes with a bow.

The instrument was reportedly created by a man named Brahman, who was one of the best known Indian musicians of his time, according to Google News.

The Wikipedia article on Brahman’s instruments notes that he was a musician who performed on several classical orchestras, as a member of the Brahman Quartet.

The instruments made by Brahman are among the most famous pieces of Indian classical music, including the violin and the harp.

Brahman was born in 1520 in the city of Vadodara, India, and became a monk in the 13th century, according the Wikipedia article.

Brahmen’s violin made its world debut in the 18th century at the Royal Concert Hall in Paris, and it was the first instrument to be used by the conductor in his first solo concert in 1826.

In a 2012 interview with the BBC, Brahman said that he did not want his violin to be considered a “violin instrument”.

Brahman is believed to have been a follower of the Tibetan Buddhism tradition, but was also known for his classical style and for his influence on the music of the Romantic era, including Bach and Wagner.

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