How to find the best violin for you

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A new survey has revealed that the best and worst violin for the piano and guitar is the same in Australia.

The report from the Australian Society of Violinists (ASVO) says the best violins have the widest range of tone and the best strings are the most affordable, and the worst violins tend to be the most expensive.

The ASVO also found that the top three violin makers in Australia are the Williams Instruments Company (Williams) and the Parsonage Workshop (Parsonage).

The ASVRO’s survey found that a typical violin cost $3,000-$4,000, but many of the best options are only $2,000.

The survey also found the best price was about $1,000 for a stringed acoustic violin, which is cheaper than the cheapest violin of the same model.

The top violin makers are also located in Victoria, while the best priced ones are in Western Australia.

One of the top violin manufacturers in Western Australian is Parsonaged, which makes the P-P, the P2, and also the P3, the best-selling acoustic and electric models in Australia, according to ASVO.

“If you look at the top 10 best violin makers, they are all located in Western Victoria,” ASVO president and CEO Ian Rimmer said.

“The top 10 are all based in Western Western Victoria.

So there’s not much competition for those places.”

Parsonages’ P-S, the most popular model in Australia for over 50 years, was ranked fourth in the world in the 2015 ASVO survey.

But the survey also revealed that only a small number of manufacturers manufacture instruments in Western Europe.

“We have some manufacturers that are in China and India, but they have a pretty narrow focus on the US market,” Mr Rimmer told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“They don’t really compete in Australia.”

The best-priced acoustic models are the P5, P7, P10, and P20.

They range from $7,000 to $9,000 depending on their size.

But there are other options for musicians and artists who want a violin that are cheaper than a $3-4,00 instrument.

The P-F and P-G models are $5,000 and $7 of the price range, respectively.

However, the top models, P5 and P7 are still very expensive for musicians.

The best price for a P-R violin is $6,000 or less, while P7 is the most commonly-sold violin model in the ASVO’s survey.

Parsonagement’s P2 and P3 acoustic models, which were among the best selling models in the survey, are also priced much higher than the average violin.

Mr Rimmers says there are some factors to consider when buying a new instrument, including what price point you are looking at.

“For example, if you’re looking at an acoustic, you might be looking at a price point that’s $5 or $6 and not wanting to spend that much on a new acoustic, then a violin might be a better choice,” he said.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a violin but want a better price point, you should also check out a quality, high-quality, factory-made violin.

The highest quality, most expensive models in terms of quality are the Yamaha FZ600, FZ750, FJ1000, and FJ-1, the ASVRo said.

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