How to mute the violin

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On the ice, it’s usually a matter of seconds.

On the phone, it can be minutes.

But if you’re the violinist, the call can be a matter seconds.

That’s why there’s a lot of confusion and anxiety around how to mute your cell phone during a concert.

If you have a cell phone, and want to mute it during a performance, there are a few steps to take.

Here’s how.

Step One: Check your phone to make sure it’s on silent.

If you don’t have a phone, there’s no need to worry about this.

Just check your phone for any messages, and then hit the mute button.

If your phone is on silent, you can’t be notified that your phone has been muted.

It’ll only turn on when you call, or when you turn your phone off.

To confirm, turn your cellphone back on and then hold down the mute key until the phone starts to vibrate.

If it’s not vibrating, the phone has turned off.

Step Two: Wait a few seconds.

It takes about 10 seconds for your cell to turn off after being muted.

Once your phone goes to silent, it won’t activate again until you press the mute icon.

You can then resume your phone call.

If it doesn’t turn off, or if you need to call your phone back up to check if it’s still on silent mode, the next time you press mute, you’ll have to wait a few more seconds.

Step Three: Call your phone.

Once your phone turns off, the first thing you’ll need to do is call your cell number.

You’ll need the number to dial your cell’s service provider.

If your cell doesn’t have an app for this, you’re going to have to call the number yourself.

Step Four: Wait several seconds, then try again.

This may take up to five minutes.

Once you’re sure your call is on mute, the second step is to wait for your call to start.

This is a little different for every cell phone.

Sometimes you can wait for the call to go through, sometimes not.

If all goes well, your cell will begin to mute automatically, so don’t worry about getting the call interrupted by your cell carrier.

You can always mute your phone manually if you want to.

But here’s how to do it.

First, call your number from your phone and wait a couple of seconds until it vibrates.

Then call your service provider directly from your cell.

Step Five: Once your call starts, you won’t be able to use your phone until your service begins again.

If a call goes through, you will hear a message indicating that your call has been received.

That message will say that you can now use your cell for calls until your call with your service starts back up again.

You won’t hear a confirmation message.

If the call goes off without any message, it means that your service hasn’t been working for you yet.

You might have to contact your service to see if you can continue using your cell until it gets back up and running.

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