The ‘silly little violin’ GIF of the day

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A new breed of GIFs have become popular over the past few years, with artists, writers and celebrities sharing quirky videos that have gone viral.

Here are a few of our favorites.1.

A cute little violin.

A couple of weeks ago, a violin teacher at a small town in Germany recorded a video on Instagram and then uploaded it to his Instagram account.

The violin teacher’s daughter, who is also a violinist, recorded it and posted it on her own Instagram account, where it’s been viewed more than 2.3 million times.2.

A little girl playing a violin.

This video, posted by artist and singer Yuna Noyes on Instagram in January, has more than 17 million views.

The video features a little girl with a tiny violin, and she plays it with her mother.

She says, “The violin is a gift to you.”3.

A girl playing the violin at a cafe in Paris.

In September, the actress and musician Rosario Dawson posted a video of herself playing a tiny piano, using her fingers to move the keys, which has racked up more than 12 million views since it was uploaded in December.4.

A violinist in his home.

The musician and violinist Tom Waits shared a video with his 7-year-old son, Noah, who plays the piano.

Noah’s parents also shared a clip on YouTube, showing him playing a piano at home, using the violin as a piece of furniture.5.

A baby playing the piano in the backyard.

In January, the music videos of the comedian, actor and musician Nick Cannon and musician Ben Gibbard went viral.

The two share an adorable video of the pair playing an old piano in their backyard.6.

A teacher playing a trumpet.

In June, violinist Kristian Raup recorded a short video on his Instagram, and it has since been viewed nearly 11 million times as well as shared on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.7.

A kid with a piano in his backyard.

A musician and musician’s son in Japan shared a short clip of a boy with a guitar in his yard in June.

The clip was shared nearly 7 million times, with the comments on it often being hilarious.8.

A piano playing video featuring a child.

A music teacher in Germany shared a music video on YouTube with the caption, “What’s that sound you hear?

It’s a piano playing.”

The clip was viewed more as a joke than a lesson.9.

A schoolteacher playing a musical instrument in the classroom.

In October, violin teacher Andréa Hirsch shared a YouTube video of a child playing a classical violin in the school, and in November, the clip was watched nearly 6 million times on YouTube.10.

A mom and son sharing a violin at home.

A mother and her son shared a violin playing video on Facebook in February.

The couple was followed on Twitter by other parents, many of whom were amazed by the child’s skill.

The comments on the video ranged from “Wow, that was awesome!” to “It’s amazing that you could do it.”11.

A toddler playing a little guitar.

This adorable video by musician and singer T. Rex is shared nearly 13 million times with more than 3.5 million shares.12.

A family sharing a little violin and a guitar.

A father and son shared this video on their Instagram account in November.

The father and his son played the piano together, which they said was very special.

The man also shared the video, which was shared more than 7 million time.13.

A man playing a guitar with his wife and son.

This YouTube video posted by the father of a young boy who is learning to play guitar is a bit of a hit.

The YouTube video has more more than 9.5,000 views.14.

A boy playing a bass guitar.

In December, violin artist and musician John Coltrane posted a clip of himself playing a small bass guitar, which he said he’s “very proud of” and said it was his favorite instrument.15.

A dog playing the guitar.

Dog owner and violin teacher Michelle Deutsch shared a song on her YouTube channel in February that was a hit with many users.

The song has been shared more then 30 million times and has received hundreds of comments.16.

A young girl playing piano.

A video posted to Instagram by a musician and actress in September, shows a little kid playing the trumpet, which is also played by many musicians.17.

A woman playing a harp.

In November, violinists and composers and musicians shared music videos on Instagram, including a clip by violinist and composer Daniela Zagami.18.

A cat playing a tambourine.

In February, a musician shared a musical video of him playing the harp, which had nearly 12 million hits on YouTube by then.19.

A kitten playing a flute.

In May, violin virtuoso

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