‘We’re not the same’: Man tells of being sexually assaulted by fellow violinist

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Posted November 04, 2019 04:06:06A woman who has worked with a renowned violinist who allegedly sexually assaulted her claims the performer has “no remorse” and said he “does not care” about her.

Key points:The man who allegedly assaulted Ms Bongiorno, who has since retired from the industry, is a “blessed man” in the violin community, the man’s family saysThe woman told her she was “heartbroken” by the incident and has filed a complaint with the Federal GovernmentThe man, who was not identified, is “a very well respected musician”, his family saidThe alleged incident happened in 2014 and the woman claims she was a member of a group performing in Melbourne in March 2014.

The alleged assault happened when the woman was walking with a friend, who she says was also a member, on the streets of Melbourne when she was approached by a man who made a comment about her appearance.

“I said, ‘I’ve never been sexually assaulted in my life’,” she told the ABC.

“He said, `I’m just sorry you’re having a bad day, I’m just so sorry you are.'”

She said she then noticed a man in the crowd, who made no comment and “just walked off”.

“He just walked away, walked up to me and touched me.”

The woman said she told police about the incident, but the case was not reported to the police and the man has since resigned from the violin world.

“The man has no remorse.

He doesn’t care about what happened,” her sister, Marisa Bongio, said.”

In the last year he has retired from performing, which is a blessing in itself.”

The man’s brother said the man “is a very good violinist” and has “tremendous integrity”.

“I am so grateful to the violin industry for the great opportunity he has given to me,” the brother said.

Marisa Binkio said her brother has a great passion for the art.

“My brother has dedicated his life to the art of violin, so I think he’s an incredible violinist and a really great violinist,” she said.

Ms Bongieres has since filed a report with the Fair Work Ombudsman about the alleged incident, which she said has been “extremely upsetting”.

“There is no way in hell I would ever have thought that I would be the subject of that,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“What I’m doing is trying to make sure that my brother doesn’t get to the point where he goes off and does something like that again, because that is not his style.”

The Ombudsman said it was investigating the alleged sexual assault and the matter was “in the early stages”.

“The OMB will be looking into any concerns about the sexual harassment or assault that may have occurred,” a spokesperson said.

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