When Italian violin makers made the ‘world’s first violin movie’

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By John Naughton, APThe Italian violin maker who made the first “world’s only” violin movie in 1963 was no ordinary violin maker.

The violinist who made it was a member of the “Italian Renaissance” — a group of Renaissance violinists who studied with and influenced the French composer Petrarch and the Italian masters Giovanni Perugino and Giuseppe Verdi.

For the last 40 years, the world has watched in fascination as violinists of the Renaissance, the very men who made this movie, are remembered in music.

But it was not until the recent discovery of a rare copy of the original print that the world got to hear the “worlds only” version of the Italian Renaissance violin.

“The book that’s in the box is very rare,” says Andrea Riccardi, director of the Musica di Musica delle Musica in Florence, Italy.

“There were only two copies of it in the world, so this is a rare find.”

Riccardi says the violin was originally made in the city of Verona, in the south of Italy.

He says it was made in 1475, but the makers didn’t publish the full name of the maker.

“I am very sure that this was the only violin made by the Italian renaissance in the 13th century,” he says.

The new book was recently sold at a museum in Venice for a record-breaking $1.5 million.

But Riccardia says the find has never been sold before, and his team has been collecting it for years.

The book is part of a collection of around 1,000 original recordings made in Verona by the violin maker and his fellow Renaissance violin makers between the 14th and 16th centuries.

“This is a very rare instrument,” Riccarda says.

“But we think that it’s worth the price because it’s very well preserved.”

In addition to the rare violin, the new book includes a replica violin made in Venice in 1616.

It was found in a storage container and was sold for the record price of $2.5-million.

Riccari says that the new discovery also includes an early printed edition of the book of music, the so-called “Aeschylus,” the first printed book about music by the Greek philosopher.

“This is another unique treasure, one that I’m sure will go on to be in the hands of scholars,” he adds.

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