World’s smallest instrument, a violin, is just a fraction of its size

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By Mark GurneyABC News | Updated Mar. 02, 2020 05:52:19 A world’s smallest instruments has been discovered.

It’s a violin.

The instrument was discovered in a cave in the Indian Himalayas in India, the scientists said.

It’s one of the smallest instruments ever found.

The instrument weighs in at just 0.03 grams.

It has a single, thin, flat blade, about 0.07 inches long.

The researchers used lasers to shine a beam of light through the instrument to reveal a hollow cavity that’s filled with water and air.

That allowed the scientists to see the inside of the instrument, which they call a “cave organ.”

It’s actually made of three separate parts: a cylinder that holds the violin in place, a stem that holds its weight, and a tube that connects the stem to the violin.

There are four kinds of parts in a violin: the strings, the wood, the bow and the bell.

The strings have the smallest amount of wood in them, about 1.4 grams.

The string has a small diameter and is made from wood fibers.

The wood is a hard, fibrous material that’s used in most musical instruments.

The bell is a single piece of wood that is glued together with a small amount of glue.

The bow is made of a long string that is stretched over and over again to create a “ball” shape.

The instruments body has no joints.

The hollow cavity is made up of air bubbles.

The researchers think that this may help the violin vibrate in its hollow cavity, which is why it sounds so sweet.

The team says that the instrument has no strings or wood, but it has a unique shape.

It looks like a violin bow.

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