Songbook: Chinese violin with English lyrics

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Songbook has been translated into Chinese and now includes English lyrics.

The Chinese-language book has been on sale at stores in the US and Canada since April.

The original Chinese edition has sold out, but the online edition is expected to sell out soon.

A book called “Wang Xiaoli”, or “A Chinese Wife’s Book of Love”, also on sale in China, includes a poem by the same author, written in the 16th century, and includes poems from a range of Chinese artists including Tang Shun, Liu Xiangli and Xu Shaoqing.

In addition, the book features a Chinese translation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, which has sold more than 2 million copies.

A Chinese version of The Golden Notebook, published in the 1960s, has sold well.

Chinese publishers say the sales of the book are a testament to the popularity of classical music in China and the popularity in China of Chinese literature.

Chinese-Canadian pianist Wang Xiaoli is the first to be published by the Chinese publishing company Hao Tao.

He says that his parents, who are Chinese, encouraged him to start his own piano, and the book will help other young people learn the Chinese language.

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